Hi Shawn,

We want to thank you once again for the superb work you did to facilitate a smooth move for us. The movers were efficient, energetic, and, importantly, attentive to our needs. We were pleased with their work.

But it’s what *you* did that provided us with a result that we never could have accomplished on our own – transforming an undecorated apartment into a warm and inviting home. We still marvel at the very creative ways you presented our pictures – the results are truly pleasing. The unexpected serendipitous surprises were really neat – the black music box grand piano awaiting us beside the door upon our first arrival on moving day; the butterfly about to fly up and off the refrigerator; the tea cup presentation on top of the refrigerator, and much more.

Your absolutely most significant contribution was guiding me to place the piano along the opposite wall and direction from what I was contemplating. My original plan would have been a big mistake. Your second major guidance was help on the placement of the dining room table. Its current placement enabled us to create a very nice conversation area with our new loveseat and two accent chairs toward the balcony end of the room and opposite the performer’s end of the piano. Having a nice conversation area was one of our major goals. The net result is a lovely and spacious-looking living room – a really nice presentation as one enters the apartment…. So, all in all, this was a fine move.

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