Move Management

We offer stress-free moves, customizing a sensible plan just for you. You decide what services you need, and we do the rest. RosieMoves provides the following:

Develop a Moving Plan
Develop a moving plan based on the scope of work and time frame for your move. Provide a customized, week-by-week “to do” list. Recommend real estate agents if needed.
De-clutter and Organize
Sort through personal belongings throughout the house, and make decisions regarding their dispersal. Work with your future floor plan to determine what to bring with you, what to sell, what to gift, donate, or discard.
 Help to profitably dispose of items through various options from on-line and estate sales, to professional dealers and auction houses.
Schedule and Oversee Movers You Can Trust
Contract movers, transfer and/or disconnect services, organize and pack, ship items, supervise movers on move day.
Professionally Pack Your Belongings
Take great care in insuring that your belongings are packed safely and professionally for the trip to your new home.
Clean house thoroughly in preparation for showing your home to prospective buyers and/or clean after final move.
Coordinate necessary home improvements from wall paper removal, painting, and landscaping, to fixture replacement, and minor repairs.
Use our expertise to redecorate your home, making it show-perfect and appealing to the marketplace.
Completely Unpack and Resettle Your New Home
Carefully unpack, organize and resettle your belongings so that you are comfortable in your new surroundings the minute you walk in the door.

RosieMoves create a custom floor plan  for your new home ahead of time so that when the boxes arrive there, we're ready to unpack, put away and resettle your new home. We can replicate the look of your current home or create something entirely new for you.

When our work is done, you walk into a home that's ready to live in. Your kitchenware is in place, your computers and TVs are connected, and your bed is made. You can immediately begin enjoying your new home.

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